Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Im Excited...You excited??

The last time I took Mariah on a business trip with me was to one of the last tapings of the Carol Duvall Show. The whole way there, from the time she got up in the morning she said..."I'm excited - you excited???. I must have heard this a gagillion times by the time we got to the studio in California. There she met Karen Thomas from know the origami paper folding specialist??... Karen caught on real quick to the "I'm excited" buzzz....and her and Mariah went around all day asking each other that. After the trip on the way home...Mariah was no longer "excited"...she" had fun" on the way home it was "I had fun-did you have fun?" This has since become a joke with us whenever we fly. is another travel day and Mariah is traveling to her first CHA. Guess what she said the first thing she woke up in the morning...(besides...i have to get up already???). That's right. IM EXCITED - YOU EXCITED??????

That's all the excitement for today's time to board the plane....

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