Wednesday, July 11, 2007


It's back to Cleveland to tape another season of Beads Baubles and Jewels. Im just in the hotel room chillin out before the big taping day tomorrow. I have to say that I am very privledged to be able to hang out with some of the industries best designers!!! Katie Hacker is here taping for two days. She is just a wealth of information and creative inspiration. She is amazing on camera - so calm, cool and collected. She is here representing Beadalon. Today she taped 13 "Focus on Findings" segments - YOU GO GIRL!

I always look forward to meeting new people too and today was no exception. I met a very talented textile/jewelry artist name Crystal. You'll see her featured in Pure Allure segments during the 700 series. Don't miss her hand painted silk segment. I have to tell you that pillow ... mmm mmm mmm.....(drooling) is simply to die for.... Lots of inspiration for beads - and not just for jewelry.

Thought I'd give you a sneek peek into one of the projects that I'll be taping tomorrow. We've all seen the fashion trend of "Brown being the NEW black..." So I'll be featuring techniques on creating a faux wood necklace. It had kind of a organic...earthy feel to it. So easy and simple to all you who've been "thinking" about creating something with clay....quit thinking...and get to creating. I'll make it so simple you wont be able to resist.

Im also excited to be able to host three segments of AMACO's new WEB-I-SODES entitled "Clay Cafe". These segments will be a little edgy - trendy...but most of all bubbly and fun. We'll feature current trends and techniques to give you that creative jump you need to get started. To kick off this new "on demand TV series" we're featuring Semi-precious stones. Learn how to mix clay into creating semi-precious stones in a fun - inviting and creative way. I dont think you'll have seen clay presented like this you're going tune in....but just to help you get's a photo...
It's going to be a creative next few months. Next week Im off to Summer CHA in Chicago. Mariah is going with me for the first time. I think it will be a great learning experience for her. My England friends Gill and her husband John will be coming back with me from CHA to Missouri for a couple of days of "holiday". After that My hubby and I are off for a "holiday" of our own in San Francisco. By that time it will be August and I will continue working on my next book, due in September and scheduled for release in Summer 08.

After that, I'll take a deep breath and say once again - where did the summer go??? Though I can't complain, trip to St. Louis, a float trip down the buffalo River in Arkansas, Branson to see Allison Krauss, Cleveland, Chicago, San Francisco and then London....I'm havin fun.......It's been one of the best summers with the family in a long time.

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