Monday, March 24, 2008

Creativity on a Budget - Repurpose, Reuse, Renew

It's seems to be my theme lately: Repurpose, ReUse and ReNew. We all have stuff and let's face it, we get bored looking at our stuff. So what can you do? Well, you can give that stuff away....or you can repurpose or renew your stuff. Give it a little bling or a new coat of paint. Challenge yourself and your creativity to not throw it away but give it a brand new hip look.

I realized just how much inspiration I get when I'm tied to a budget. Somehow having a BIG desire to create but little money to create with makes me get ingenious on how I accomplish that task. For instance, the left over paint from Mariah's room make over became the basis for some altered purses. Dressing up an old frame with a new coat of paint or maybe decopauge some scrapbook paper onto it will give it just the spice it needed to be trendy.

I know there's other's who get inspired by limiting their budget too. I'd like to share this email that I received from Cheryl, one of the new friends I made at my last class in Chicago:

Linda you challenged me and I thought about redoing my daughters room for her 17th birthday while she was gone to Phoenix for her spring break. I didn't know how I would do it with out much money but I got real creative and had a gallon of paint left over from my room. I also had a quart of black paint so I painted all of her furniture black...some of it is from when I was a kid..then I took scrapbook paper and I am putting it on the fronts of the drawers. I took some of her frames and put scrapbook paper to match on those, painted some old shelves black, found a shirt at Meijers that she wanted me to put flowers and vines on her walls and went to the copy store and had them put it on paper then resized it. I put it on my enlarger so I can trace it around the feels so good to be creative again! You have inspired me to be creative in other things and re purpose what I can and I have done this room for next to nothing....

Art is really a therapy for Cheryl as she and her husband face lots of health challenges.

What do you have to repurpose or reuse in a creative way?

For some ideas to get you started check out the lastest issue of Make It Mine Magazine. I LOVE this magazine - it's right up my alley...embellish everything, repurposing old stuff and just making something new have that personal touch!
Check out Katie Hacker's blog too - she's given you a sneak peak of her project highlighted in this current issue! (Love the bling!) I had to go and get the magazine after reading about it on her blog.
Make it Mine.....Make it YOURS!
Don't forget - you still have time to enter my National Crafts Month Challenge - Send it in!!!!

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