Thursday, February 3, 2011

Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner Blog Hop Week #5 - Final Week...Let's Get Groovy

Coming home from CHA and all I can say is...I FEEL GROOVY!!!...Wow! What a wonderful...creative..inspiring...friendship building week it was...and thru it all...and even trudging thru SNOWMEGEDDON to get home....I'm home and just sitting back and thinking of how blessed I am to be in this be honored to be among a great group of women entrepreneurs and to be able to inspire and share with all of you...

I made this art canvas not too long after I made Hippie Chic.... I was in my groove....and creating really lifts my spirits and I just plain ole feel great when I'm in that mode. 

Without my Flip-Pal(TM) scanner...these scans simply would not be possible.  You would see me climbing high on a ladder (and I don't do heights that well) and dangling over my work..."trying" to get the lighting just right and sure enough...there's be a light spot in the center.  I simply can not say enough about how thrilled I am with the performance of the Flip-Pal. 

Thanks to everyone who's commented on my posts during the hop...I would sure love to have you subscribe to my feed and love to continue to share with you!

Be sure to take a moment to hop on over to all the other artists who participated in this hop!

;Amy Anderson - Mod Podge Rocks
  • Chef Stephanie Petersen:

  • Pat Sloan

  • Melissa Langer

  • Christy Tomlinson           

  • Kathy Peterson Inspired

  • LEGAL STUFF:  Linda Peterson was compensated by Flip-Pal to review their product....but just so you know...she'd have said the same thing even if she'd had to buy it.....She LOVES it!!!


    PatSloan said...

    it has been wonderful being on the hop with you!

    Shirley in Canada said...

    Kewl!! ;-)

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