Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just a few snippits from my creative world

Wednesday already!  In the past two weeks, we've endured a blizzard an additional foot of snow and now it's going to be five below zero tonight for the temperature...that's not factoring in the windchill!  Definately counting down the days until spring....or let's just hop right to summer!

It's days like these...cold and snowy or wet and rainy that I feel really creative!  I've gone through my decompression mode after CHA...wrote a list...and Im steadily checking my to-do's off.....

Currently I'm working on an on-demand/self paced class in Mixed Media Collage.  I will offer it for a limited time for  FREE!  I can only say.. I KNOW you're going to love the techniques Im incorporating into this Mixed Media Collage Art Class.  I filmed lessons one and two all that's left is lesson three through seven!!!  I wanted to do this for a couple THANK YOU loyal followers for reading what it is I write....and to also give you an insight as to how this whole thing of taking an online class thru CrafTECH University works. 

Now just because this will be a FREE online art class doesnt mean this is a series of quick two minute videos.  Oh's a full length series of 7 classes, each one with a lesson that builds on the should be available sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Be sure to subscribe to my feed here so you don't miss the announcement of it's debut. 

Im also working on my next Linda Peterson TV show - Livin the creative life...this is all about Celebrating SPRING...because its subzero cold and I need to think warm thoughts!!! I'll have exciting guests and recipes...and maybe a few helpful hints in there too.  There is a change for this format though, my show will no longer be live.  My show will be uploaded in full length (1 hour) to our channel where you can watch it at your leisure...with your favorite cuppa joe or ice tea...snuggled up with a blankie.....or...take your computer with you to your creative space and get creative right along with the show.  It's a new format that we hope you'll internet streaming issues and much higher quality resolution!!

Okay.....I'm brain drained for today....Oh...and Im on a mission to blog once a day minimum for 30 days....who know's what will come outta my head.....but ya gotta check back to find out!

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