Friday, February 11, 2011

Craft Porcelain is coming to Linda Peterson TV - February 21

I'm celebrating spring on my next show and it's all coming up flowers!!! - mostly roses because they're my favorite....or is it daisy's....hmmm...

We should be enjoying the first glimpses of spring right now as the daffodils start to peek thru the ground...but that's kinda difficult to see considering we have nearly a foot of snow on the ground!!  Mr. Groundhog...sorry were kinda wrong in your forecast for us!!!

Watch Linda Peterson Live on February 21st to learn how to create porcelain like roses from Craft Porcelain. Craft Porcelain is a cold porcelain air dry clay that replicates the look of beautiful porcelain. It is very delicate yet durable.
cold porcelain
This was a favorite feature with many of my Carol Duvall Show viewers and I can't wait to show you these techniques again!! You'll love how easy it is to create these beautiful and realistic flowers to add a delicate romatic touch to just about anything!

My next episode is February 21st on Cool2Craft Networks BlipTV - on demand - on your schedule!

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