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Create the look of Cloisonne without the expensive tools! Friendly Plastic How to jewelry video

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In this video how to tutorial, Linda Peterson shows you how to make jewelry focal pendant with a Faux Cloisonne effect using basic jewelry tools and supplies.  Making your own handmade jewelry also allows you to make the pendant as large or small depending on your taste.

FriendlyPlastic Video

 Gather your Friendly Plastic, Outline Stickers and your Copic Markers and let’s have some fun!

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How to create the Faux Cloisonne Effect on Friendly Plastic

By:  Linda Peterson

How to instructions below and the materials you will need
  • Friendly Plastic Pellets – 1 oz
  • Distress Embossing Powder (Optional) In color of choice
  • Copic Markers in colors of choice – select 3 to 4 colors (alcohol based ink or markers)
  • Outline Stickers of choice
  • Aleene’s Decoupage Medium – glossy (acrylic sealer)
  • Non-stick Sheet
  • Heating device (heat gun/tool, griddle or oven)
  • Jewelry findings of choice
  •      Pendant back
  •      Jump rings
  •      Miscellaneous beads
  •      Jewelry findings such as bead caps etc.
  •      Chain
  •      Toggle
  • Jewelry Making tools:  pliers; round nose plier
  • Lotion
  • Bowl of cold water
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Disclaimer:  Working with Friendly Plastic requires heat, please be careful as the plastic can get extremely hot if over heated and cause burns.  We can not be responsible for injuries.  Not suitable for young children, older children only with direct adult supervision. Griddle setting approximately 200 degrees (F) - See our post on how to heat Friendly Plastic.  

To prevent sticking, coat hands with lotion or baby oil

  1. Heat pellets until clear on a non-stick sheet.   
  2. Mix in embossing powders by kneading into plastic.  (re-heat to soften if necessary)
  3. Shape into a round disk or cabochon
  4. Wipe clean with Rubbing alcohol
  5. Apply outline sticker to the top of disk
  6. Color in plastic as desired, blending in colors

Seal with an acrylic based sealer first. If a higher gloss is desired, follow up with a two-part resin epoxy or an acrylic based product such as Sakura 3-D crystal lacquer.  To find out more about sealers and glossy effects on Friendly Plastic click here.

Attach cabochon to front of pendant backing, add any additional beads desired and finish by attaching a chain.

See our top 10 ideas on how to use pellets - click here

Where to buy Outline Stickers?  They can be found  store in the scrapbooking section (or do a google search for online resources)

What if I don't have Copic Markers?  You can still make this project. Substitute any alcohol based marker or ink such as pinata or adirondak inks, just grab a paintbrush and a little rubbing alcohol and paint on the color for a similar effect.  These inks are transparent and allow the color of the foil to show through. I particularly like Copic makers because they are so pigmented and juicy.  The colors blend together well.   Play and experiment with other types of markers too and see what you can come up with!

Stay tuned, I have a video coming up that will take this technique a little step further with an easy way to bead around your cabochon!

Linda Peterson is compensated and endorsed by AMACO. The guests features may or may not have any affiliation with AMACO.

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