Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Learning from your mistakes...Persistance pays off!

The last couple of days have been extremely frustrating. In an attempt to update the website, I ended up deleting it. I had a back up copy, so I wasn't that concerned until everything...and I mean everything .....I tried didn't work. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get my pages to upload, the server kept cutting me off and dropping the connection. FRUSTRATING... This was day 3 of my efforts.

But, amidst the frustration and a few tears, I was able to get the site to load this afternoon. How? I left home! I took the computer with me to the doctors office and guess what? They had wireless internet. I thought what the heck? Let's see if my website uploads while Im here...and it did! So I sat there, in the office, frantically uploading pages to my site. Most of it is working, I only have a do a few tweeks!

Now, looking back on that experience, I thought about what I learned. First of all patience and persistance ( sometimes Im not too good in that category). Thru many phone calls to tech guys, I learned how to do FTP (file transfer protocol), I learned how to connect my new camera to my computer without buying a webcam! All of this is useful for those online classes I intend to hold and have going in January. Now, I'm learning video editing.

When you get a chance, check out the new website. I re-formatted all the Project of the Month club's so that you can buy the entire collection - that's over 130 projects folks!...... you can by your "fave 10 - just pick em' out and let me know which ones when you check out" or you can buy each project individually. Think of each as a little mini class. They're full of step by step photo's and instructions. They will come to you via a email download along with a disk in the mail. The only exception is the "entire collection" it's way to big....

Here's what's coming up on the website in the near future:

A new gallery - jewelry, figurine and papercrafts/digi-art
New Online Class Schedule
New Videos
New products - I've designed a line of unique wooden scrapbooks...look for these online in the near future
And eventually, a guest book.

Thanks to everyone who responded to the blog poll. I appreciate your time and thoughts!

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