Friday, November 30, 2007

Living the Creative Life

Do you live the creative life? What is a creative life?? While I don't know the politically correct definition of that, I do have a thought to share from a personal experience.

While most people at first glance would attribute a creative life to being artistic, I believe it goes way beyond that. Many times designers are given projects or products that we know very little, if anything about. But, being the creative people we are, we jump at the task to not only experiment, but also to learn something new and find a sense of accomplishment once the task is completed.

While I'm confident that I am very knowledgeable about the craft industry, I know absolutely nothing about auto mechanics. I'm literally one of those people who should own a 'Auto mechanics for dummies" book.

For some time now, I have had either one headlight on the left and none on the right or the right one would decide to work and the left one would take a break. If they both decided to work, well, it was a toss up on which one would give out first. I think they were playing games with me. While my husband would send the car to the shop to get fixed, I on the other hand love a challenge. I discovered that at one point in time both headlights had shorted out and burned the casing on which the wires attach to make the bulb light up. Being the creative thinker I am, I was able to rig up a new casing, wrap it to death in electrical tape and viola!!!!! I HAVE HEADLIGHTS!!!!!! BOTH OF THEM!!! And they actually stay on!!!!

I love the creative life!!! Why?? Because it challenges me to rise to the occasion no matter what the situation, take chances and learn something new. And you know what? Success feels good!!!

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