Sunday, November 25, 2007


I wish posting videos could be an every day thing. But, unfortunately it won't be. Here is actually the first video that I shot and produced. This video took me longer to edit and so that's why it's just now coming to you.

Here's a little You Tube viewing tip: Im sure this works with any YouTube video. If you notice at the bottom of the YouTube viewing screen there are some buttons. The second button from the left (next to the play button) will allow you to view thumbnails of all the videos that I have currently running. If you slide your pointer over the top of one, it will list the video name. So maybe you already know this...but if you are like me and new to all this advanced technology might find that little feature pretty handy. The menu button allows you to either embed or copy the URL to another site. Please email me for permission to do this so that I know where links are being placed.

Please keep checking back on the blog or on my website for more video updates and mini video classes. Without further adieu....enjoy the show!

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Anonymous said...

Love these videos Linda!! They are so GREAT!!! Will you be doing any on figurines? Hope so!! Take care Big Hugz!! Missy

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