Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bead Making Videos on You Tube!

Remember the post where I said, "Persistance pays off"? Couldn't be more true in this case. It's finally here and I'm so excited to present the first... in what I hope to be a long series of short how-to videos!

It's been a very educational experience to say the least, with moving furniture for the shoot, setting up lighting, tripods and all kinds of electrical cords, I really thought for a while I was in a real studio and not just my house. After loads and loads of takes...mostly for technical reasons...and for reasons that I couldnt even remember the name of my book or what I was doing at's finally here!!!

My goal is to have a DVD available as well as "mini" classes for you available on my website. So that's all coming up! I have to say, this was loads of fun!

So sit back...take about a 6 minute break...grab a cup of coffee (ice tea for me) and enjoy...(sorry folks- it's not long enough to break out the popcorn!)


Jen said...

I can see that you are really PLAYING! I just love your video! Can't wait to see and learn more!

Ron said...

Great Job, Linda! Looking forward to more episodes.

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