Monday, December 10, 2007

It's a winter wonderland! Create a postcard in a snap using Photoshop Elements.

It's a cold, icy winter's day in Missouri. I snapped this photograph of the dogwood tree in our backyard during last January's ice storm. The scene that we woke up to this morning was reminiscent of that dreadful winter storm. Outside looked like an ice palace! With another winter ice storm coming thru tonight.

I was inspired by Katie Hacker to create this post card. She blogged about the '2008' beaded card that she designed this year and will send out to all her friends. I couldn't help but remember this photo and decided to turn it into a 'warm winter greeting to share with you...all my online friends!!

Here's how to make one of your own...

Photography tip; use a shallow depth of field and focus on the subject. (I believe I used a F3 stop for this photo)

Load the photo into elements.

Create a new 4 x 6 document with a white background

Press the letter "D" to return your color box to the default setting (black for the foreground, white on background).

Drag your photo into the document and use the move tool to make the photo fit the 4 x 6 background.

Working on the photo layer, click on the rectangular marquee tool. Set the feather to 50 pixels. Draw a rectangle about 1/8" from the inside edge.

Inverse the selection by the "select menu' - inverse. (shortcut - cntrl-shift-I or cmd-shift-I)

Press the delete button. (you'll see a feathery white edge around the photo) While still working on the photo layer on the layers palette, change the blend mode to dissolve.

Using the Text tool, create your text box and type in your desired phrase.

When you are finished, save a copy with the layers and one as a jpeg. Now you can choose to print these off on your own printer or take them to a one hour photo for processing. (or do what I did - send E-greetings!)

As a variation, add an additional layer with your family photo (can you believe we don't have a recent one??)

There you have it - a postcard in a snap using Photoshop Elements

Wishing you WARM WINTER WiSHES!!! Stay inside and CRAFT your ART out!!

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Helen said...

This photo is absolutely wonderful. I love it, but your instructions on how to create it were "greek" to me. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed your photo and also your blog.
Helen Hughes

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