Monday, December 31, 2007

Tiny Accomplishments Lead to BIG THINGS!

It's happened again, we've blinked and another year has rolled by. How was the year for you? Were you able to accomplish everything you wanted? If you did...Kudo's to you and write me and tell me how you did it! I don't think there is enough time in the day to accomplish all that we want. But instead of focusing on the negative, why not look at all the things you DID accomplish? Even the itsy bitsy teensy weensy things, because they all add up.

I think sometimes we're so hard on ourselves for not getting the big things accomplished that we overlook the small hurdles that we've achieved that got us to where we are today. To give you an example on how this thought has impacted my life, let me tell you about a little piece of me....

Mariah was about 10 weeks old when we discovered that she had a brain tumor. In the middle of the night it ruptured causing a brain bleed. I was a very young parent, only 23 at the time, didn't know much...but what I did know, was that something was wrong and I rushed her to the hospital -( and that is a story in itself - maybe I'll create another blog for that journey) Eventually though, she was transfered to a St. Louis hospital where she underwent surgery. As the days went by, I journaled each event - good or bad and after a week in the hospital I read what I had written about the first day and the second day and so on. As I read, I discovered all the tiny improvements, that were right there before my eyes, but I was so close to it, I couldn't see it at the time. She went from critically ill to serious, to stable to being well enough to move out to the regular pediatric floor. Tiny improvements each day, but adding up to major accomplishments over a week, month, two months...and now...she's 16! As I read what I had wrote, I found comfort in the little things. If you've read the "about me" page on my website, you'll know that it's because of this event - though not so pleasant - that lead me down the creative path to where I am today. Who knew I'd sell my artwork, write books,teach internationally or be on TV? Not me that is for sure!

So looking back on 2007, think of the little things - maybe you've over come a family crisis, maybe you're health has improved, maybe you took some time for yourself to create (I hope you did!) Maybe you tried something you didn't think you could do - and found out, you could do it! Whatever it is congratulate yourself for the tiny things!!

Maybe you can set just a few simple goals for 2008. I have several - creatively I would like to write more blog posts and share more ideas with you, film more crafty videos, write a couple more books, scrapbook the highlights of each month, design and embellish clothes for me and the kids (which includes handbags, jewelry, belts and more) fix up my house, create stuff for the house, do more sewing...but most of all I'll be happy if I can enjoy the simple things - those that create great memories for years to come - like spending time with the kids and family (crafting, hunting and fishing!). (Here's an idea, maybe you can scrapbook or at least jot down in a journal a few highlights of each month - give it as a gift at the end of the year to friends and family - they'll treasure this for years!)

Personally, I would like to thank each one of your for your comments, support and just for reading this blog! Your emails make my day! I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2008.
P.S. Thanks for the emails about yesterdays Teddy Bear post! With so many of you getting snowed in and experiencing the cold, I thought it would be a nice change to give you your new year's greetings on a springy - warm page! Oh and about the bears, now all the girls have one, I bought too much fabric and just couldn't stop....once I get on a roll, I make more and more and more.....I still have fabric left!
The papers used with the bear are from from the november 07 premiere membership

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