Monday, December 24, 2007

Warm your heart with Gingerbread!

I was reading my friend Jen's blog and she was talking about how certain smells can make you think about "Good Times".

When I was young - maybe around 3 or 4, I remember a certain audio book, you know the kind with the 45 rpm record that chimed each time you needed to turn the page, it was a story about The Gingerbread Man. My mom used to love to hear me "read" that book because I would come out of my bedroom singing "Run, Run...Fast as can...can't catch me...gingerbread man." It was like a game we played. I'd sing and then run and then she'd try to catch me.

Whenever I smell gingerbread or look at The Gingerbread Man book, I think of these awesome times growing up as a kid.

I'm quite fond of gingerbread and thought I'd share this little guy with you. I think he fits the story don't you? This is also one of the figurines that I made from Fimo polymer clay and sold on ebay in 2002. Can you believe how time flies? I know I should have kept a log of what I sold to who. Unfortunately though, I didn't get that far. I believe this piece went to a fellow polymer clay artist - Anita - who's a friend of mine living in Ohio.

I was so happy to hear from the lady who gave my Let It Snow figurine a great home. Turned out to be my good friend Helen from Seattle. (We've shared great memories too!)

One of the reasons I love making figurines soooo much, is because it gives me a chance to reflect on great times, great friends and just be thankful that I had such an awesome childhood. Every time I look at my little characters on the wall, it really does warm my heart!

(P.S. - next time you make a little gingerbread man...add a little cinnamon oil to the clay for fragrance...just a little added touch!)

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