Friday, March 20, 2009

Let's have some Friendly Plastic Fun with Rub On Transfers

While I was at Jen's a couple of weeks ago, I landed on the idea of using rub on images with the friendly plastic to create somewhat of a printed transfer look. I gave Jodi Amidei, one of my great "NEW" friends a pendant that I had made. Below she shares her take on this technique:

look (and by-the-way, got a wonderful prototype piece from her...), but tried it with a metalic silver piece of Friendly Plastic instead of the white. Here are some samples of the pendants I've made using this technique.

The metalic underneath the alcohol inks gives it almost a satin-like finish under the rub-ons. In fact, some of the pieces have a very Asian-silk-print-material-look to them. The photo's don't really do them justice.

I'm really liking the way these are turning out and looking for more innovative ways to use this fun medium.
You can see more of Jodi's crafting Madness on her blog at
Thanks for sharing Jodi!

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Anonymous said...

These pendants are beautiful Linda, what sort of Rub Ons do you use? I have tried wordy ones and also applied them to slightly warm plastic which gives an interesting slightly engraved look.

By the way, thank you for your blush-inducing words on my blog, I left you a reply as you made me smile!

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