Thursday, March 5, 2009

On my way back home....after an amazing road trip!

It was a bitter sweet morning.... Glad to be going home to my family...Sad to leave Jen behind. We really had so much fun creating and now I feel totally inspired!

So now, that I'm back home it's time to ....well first of my studio make over - courtesy of my dad!...and then get back to friendly plastic business!

Theres a new Friendly Plastic project posted on their blog - just in time for March, this project will definately make a splash!

You can imagine after 9 days of creating - 12 hours a day and dreaming of creating at night, Im exhausted - so Im going to keep tonights post short and sweet!

Thanks for all the comments and to everyone who shared the virtual road trip with me.

SPECIAL thanks to JEN AND KERRY! for hosting me for the week - Kerry you really put up with a lot from us girls! Big thanks to the Mile High Polymer Clay guild for a warm welcome, to Judy of Judy's Stone house designs for allowing us to just call up and drop in on her an hour later...and she treated us to lunch! And to all my new friends - Jodi (luv ya girlfriend), Kathy, Susan, Tina and Peg - It was just great to meet you all - here's to a long time friendship!

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