Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's bead making day at the Art Honor Society -

Our local high school is very priveleged to have Ms. Hogan as the coodinator of the school's National Art Honor Society. She offers classes to the student members every wednesday. This past week, it was my privelege to teach students and teachers how to make beads with polymer clay and bead rollers. We had a great turn out, even the guys joined in!

Most of the kids had no prior experience working with polymer clay or making beads. That didnt deter them from swirling and twirling the clay to create "swirl beads". They had so much fun!

Mrs. Harold's beads....

Beads made by the Art Honor Society.

Here is Mariah helping Ms. Hogan use the tri-bead roller. The students were able to take their beads home to bake. Next week, they will learn to macreme' and create chokers using their handmade beads.
You might remember that last month, I went on a studio clean out mission.... Today I donated all the extra art materials, beads, books and just stuff to the art department! It was great to hear the squeals of the girls as they dug thru the boxes....yes...there is MORE happiness in giving!

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