Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Friendly Plastic Technique Video - Making Guide Beads for Bead rollers

Im sure as time passes by, we'll develop better ways to measure Friendly Plastic for use in the bead rollers.

For now, this seems to be the quickest way for me to do this. It does take some time to get the right amount of plastic each time, but when you have all your "guide beads" made, you just simply make more of that size, soften the plastic and roll your way to bead heaven!

This technique works well for candy stripe beads, bits and pieces of left over plastic that you want to swirl.

In this video I share one way to measure - making a ball of plastic the size you need for the bead roller you are working with.

Do you have a great tip on this? Please share your comments and suggestions - we'd love to hear from you! Enjoy!

Here's a quick tip if you are using "scrap" plastic as the center of the bead:

Often in the polymer clay world, we use scrap clay as the inside of the bead - no waste! You can do the same with Friendly Plastic. However, you will need to make your intial bead smaller, because you have to account for the additional plastic you will be overlaying to create a "good" bead. So, you may want to create additional "guide beads" for this - beads that are smaller - but when wrapped are the right size. Label them with permenant marker as well with the appropriate bead roller size.

This thought just happened to come to mind as I was posting this blog.... Always thinking of ways to improve! It never ends...maybe that's why I was awake all night, my head spinning with ideas...?!?!??!

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joolsedesigns said...

Hi Linda thank you for the comments on my blog on the crafting with my grandchildren and friendly plastic You can use my story and link back to my blog that would be nice.
When Cara and Connel visit at the weekend I will be showing them all the other thing they can make as this is a very innovative blog and was not aware it was here


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