Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Polymer Clay POM Club download available....and other stuff

It's amazing just how quickly this week just flew by! We planned so much to do...Friendly plastic, metal jewelry, metal etching...but we had so much fun with friendly plastic we just couldn't do anything else.

Today we video taped EVERYTHING we did and that video will be live next week. It's not a how-to, it's eye candy! So be sure to check back to this blog and the friendly plastic blog. We've also set up a Friendly Plastic group of Facebook - love to have you join!

Well.. tomorrow my retreat is over and I go home. I miss home, I miss my hubby and kids. I'll be glad to go home but I sure will miss the time I had with Jen!!

The polymer clay project of the month club is now live and ready for download on the Polymer Clay POM Club blog. Post your comments, ask questions or send your pictures to me for a chance to bring this little froggie home.

I try to make each POM club like a class. I do like to take you outside your comfort box!

If you've been thinking about joining, there's no better time. Projects are retro back to January so you wont miss a thing.

The jewlery poms will be out this weekend. And you guessed it! It will feature friendly plastic!

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