Monday, July 27, 2009

Blog Talk Radio and Friendly Plastic Marathon

Did you get a chance to tune in and hear Jana on Blog Talk Radio last night? Well....if you didn't...dont worry! The show is archived so you can hear it at your convienence! Just go to: and click on the July, 26th show link.

Last night was my first opportunity to tune in to the show - (I used the phone number), I have to say I was impressed with the entire show! Tiffany Windsor is an excellent host, but why wouldn't she be? She comes by it naturally as her mother is Aleene, the Original Queen of Crafts and Glue.

Maria Nerius, also a famous craft columnist,editor for and artist, reported on different types of glue. You can find all the in's and outs on glue on their website at . While glues may not be your thing...this important stuff to know when you need to glue friendly plastic to something. And don't forget you can also get more info on glues compatible with friendly plastic in the E-Cylopedia.

We also got to hear from Julianna Hudgins while at CHA - the international craft trade show going on this week. Plus other special guests.

There is also a live chat that goes on during the show, which is totally fun. Meet new people, network and just have a good ole' time!

So...get yourselves on over to the show and hear what Jana has to say about Friendly Plastic!

Now.....on with OUR MARATHON!

Jen called last night and said she is east of St. Louis which means she will be here around NOON today and she tells me her car is packed with stuff to work with! OOOHH Im like a kid waiting for a trip to the dime store to buy penny candy! I just don't think she can drive fast enough.

As soon as she gets here our marathon begins. Friendly Plastic, Metal Clay...mixed name it's going to be used. She will be here until Saturday morning.

Who's interested in chatting with us this week? I have set up blog talk radio for Friendly let me work out the details and I'll letcha know...

We're always cookin up something around's just not food!

Oh....goodness...look at the time...I gotta get the studio cleaned!!!

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Jodi said...

I am so frickin' jealous of you and Jen's next week... I'm living it vicariously, so show me everything...LOL


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