Saturday, July 25, 2009

Counting down to the Friendly Plastic Marathon with Jen Lowe

The count down begins today........I've been thinking of a good "name" to call next weeks blog posts....and then it hit me...

When Jen and I get to creating it truly a is not stop creative bop! We get up early and go to bed super late if at all! Sometimes we talk, other we are extremely silent.

The theme for this week is Metal Clay and Friendly Plastic. To begin the countdown, I "WAS" going to show you a piece that I created a couple of years ago in metal clay.

Sometimes a piece has to literally just sit around for years until one day, I get inspired. That was what happened yesterday. I archived a piece I created a LONG time ago when Jen was here November 2007. I added Friendly Plastic to the bezel and it turned out Bea-UTIFUL! Then I added the resin to make it look glass like.....and...............................................................the resin never set up! AAHHHH!! I am bummed bummed bummed....and part of me is telling my stupid self.....self...why were you in such a hurry?? You can't hurry must have patience YOUNG grasshopper (emphasis on the *young*)! Oh I could just shoot myself with a heat gun!

So then I got a brilliant I often have brilliant ideas ... I'll just add some liquid polymer clay over the top of it and set it with a heat gun...then I'll add a clear coat of sealer and it will be good as new....NOT! Another dumb -yet almost brilliant idea that DID NOT WORK! So don't try bubbles the non-cured resin...makes your FP hot and sticky...and just is another idea that I have to chalk up to the learning process.

However.......all is not lost because what I did learn is that since the FP heats up and gets gooey, you can also pull it out of the bezel frame and clean the frame up as good as new and start all over...which I shall do in about an hour.....

So...sorry no picture of my what would have been "great piece" today....but I will post it as soon as I learn some patience in mixing my resin and letting it set.

Let's begin the Friendly Plastic Marathon countdown with this:

Join Inspired at Home host Tiffany Windsor and special Guest Jana Ewy Sunday night on Blog Talk Radio.

Sunday July 26 - Check the website for your local time.

Listeners can "tune-in" to the live shows via the internet and access archived podcasts 24/7. Listeners can also listen to the show live via their phone by calling 646/929-2406.

Dont worry....if you can't join them tomorrow, you can access the podcast at your convenience.

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