Wednesday, July 8, 2009

LinJen-eered Jewelry - a mix of polymer clay stones and Metal Clay

I know you are probably thinking "What the heck is LinJen-eered?"????!?!?!? Okay..I'll just tell ya!
Back in November 2007 Jen Lowe came to visit me at my house. We crafted, created, experimented....made numerous trips to WalMart throughout the week we worked together and made collaborative art works...a little bit of her...and a little bit of the term LinJen-eered.
I've been following Jen's blog routinely for several years now and especially the last few days she's been posting about her upcoming trip to the metal clay conference. can imagine my suprize then I realized that the coral beads were a combination of the real thing.....and polymer clay! They were some of the beads I sent her home with two years ago!!!
So...THANKS JEN! Loved what you did with those beads! And thanks for letting me snatch your blog post today:
Jen writes:

I started out this morning with a single coral tube stone. Put the gecko on it. And then had absolutly no idea where to go! But I think I "went" just fine!!!

Even made matching earrings for the necklace:

Linda Peterson had given me this bracelet almost 2 years ago and it matches so well that I simply added 3 tiny dragonflies to make it a perfect match:

so, the gecko and the dragonflies are .999 fine silver. Pretty cool what you can do with diecut silver on jewelry!

I may actually have to start wearing some of this!!

Don't you wish you were going to the Metal Clay World Conference? It starts one week from right now!!!

Edited to add:

oops! I forgot to mention that the 4 coral looking beads that are round.....those are polymer clay beads that Linda made. They match the cylindar stone perfect! Amazing that you can't tell polymer clay from stone.

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