Monday, July 6, 2009

A Breathtaking Russian Bead from

The photo of this Russian Bead does not do it justice. When I opened my package this bead literally took my breath away. I have no idea what design it will become....for this bead is special....and in need of just the right touch. But for now, I'll be happy - more like estatic ...just having this in my collection...and one day it will call out to me and I will make a fabulous design!

Create your next design and wear a true piece of art with one of these gorgeous masterpieces. These beads are hand painted by artisans in Russia , and replicate portions of famous paintings from artists such as Chagall, Mucha, Klimt, Botticelli, Matisse and Picasso. These Russian pendants feature just a small piece of the whole paintings, but in doing so, the essence of the artistry is captured. WOW! oh WOW ..oh Wow!

Are you looking for unique beads...beads that NO one else has??? Check out or click here to see more of these beautiful Russian beads.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, Bally Bead in Texas carries hand painted Russian pendants as well. They have a few of the beads, but mostly the sterling silver pendants. Some are painted on mother of pearl and some on onyx or carnelian.

Besides the master painters, they also carry hand painted beads of dog breeds, and a few horses and cats (they aren't on the web, but you can call to see what they have in stock).

The pendants are truly gorgeous and the photos do not do them justice. Here is a link to their website and the pendants:


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