Monday, January 7, 2013

The beauty of our Dreams - Soul Garden Week 2 + Free Printable quote

Soul Garden Week 2 - DREAM

I know DREAM is a common word that we all put in all of our art journal artwork.  Part of my soul search is making a list of my dreams and then analyzing them as to which are really truly possible....and which will remain a fantasy at least for now.

I'm into rich warm colors.  I like bright colors too and I really do *TRY* to use them in my work, but in the end I always dull them down.....

Above is my inspiration color palette for the week.  It hasn't changed much since last week, though I did add a little bit of bright purple into the artwork that I created inspired by this palette.

Since my arts journal is inspired by color, I'll also print out this palette and add it to one of the pages in my art journal diary.  

First you gotta dream......then you gotta write them down....then you have to believe!

This printable is suitable for framing -  As a free craft idea and tip, I like to keep small frames around to put motivational quotes in and keep them as constant reminders. - They are easy to change out whenever I see a new one I want to keep.

Feel free to download this free printable and use it as a springboard for your arts journal.  If you have any craft ideas you want to share - be sure to email me.  I'd love to see!
click on the photo - then right click "save as" 
use a photo editing program to resize to your frame.  



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