Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Fear of Fear - Soul Journal Project - Art Journaling Prompts

Did a little artful journaling today and alot of experimenting with texture and technique. 
I stripped the top layer off some cardboard to reveal the texture below it.  Today I especially felt the need to work with my hands so all the painting was done with my fingers.

At the top left of the picture is the backside of the postcard that I gave away as a freebie.  I turned it into a transfer using gloss gel medium.  Ohh it is sooo easy and addictive! 
I'm really enjoying all the quotes in my journals and the personal thoughts I'm putting in there....

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Debras Dezinez said...

I love coming here and visiting your blog. I always come away with such good feelings and you are so informative.I have gained so much from reading your musings. I guess I just want to give you a huge Thank You ! & Bravo for helping me face my fears and to let my creative wings be unbound !!

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