Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Road to Success + Free Printable and craft idea

I looking and perusing the internet for quotes to add to my work and ran across this one....
So true isn't it?
My work AND my studio is ever evolving...always under construction.  That's a good thing.  Good to me is never good enough....I always want better. 
Even though I've just begun my art journal journey, I've found it's really boosted my creativity and my soul searching as to what I want to accomplish this year. But, there's only so much artwork one can have in a binder or on the wall...and you know me, I love to repurpose
So why not make your artwork part of your organization?

 I've now collected LOTS of cans and they're the perfect way to organize all sorts of things.  Super easy, just decoupage your artwork on, let dry and STUFF! (I put a little handle on mine so I can hang it from a cute knob)

Enjoy your free download - it's sized to fit a standard can 11.5 x 5 .5 (click on image, then right click "save as") Here's a tip because it's so wide you may need to rotate the image to fit on a sheet of paper.


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