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Art Journal for the soul though life lessons - Soul Garden Project

Doing a little "morphing" of my Soul Journal Project.  Originally I thought I would think of a word a week and use that as inspiration.  But as I delve deeper into this journey, I find that art journaling is about what you are feeling at any given moment.  So, with that, on Monday's I will still post snippits of my art journaling journey, but the rest of the week...well it may or may not be the same theme as the Monday Post.

I use my art journal as a "safe" creative place. A place where I can try out techniques and not worry if they are pretty or not.  Not every page will turn out beautiful, but when I'm finished with it at the end of the year, the entire collection will be a collaborative beautiful work of art at least in my eyes.

Now you may be wondering why I put up this quote for today.  The words that describe what lessons I learned this weekend are:


As you know, I'm the moderator of the Friendly Plastic blog and the idea of that is to promote everything related to Friendly Plastic.  So, when a post flowed its way into my facebook, someone made a comment "UGLY - what a waste - JMHO",  I immediately took action.  And apparently, many of you share my feelings as well.  You can read the all the comments here.

I know when you put your artwork out there, it's like wearing your heart on your sleeve, you open yourself up to judgement. I get it...I accept it.   But what I couldn't figure out for the life of me was why someone would feel the need to go so far as to call someone else's artwork UGLY - in such a public way. Though I did not create the artwork, I took it personally.

My Momma always told me "Linda, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all".  And one things that taught me is, we all have our own perspective of beauty.  What we may LOVE, other's may not love so much.  But, we should be devoted to building one another up, not tearing down.  I always find a way to find something beautiful out of things that aren't necessarily my taste and style.

And so that's the inspiration for my journal page today.  I devoted just 30 minutes to it.

First of all here's a photo of my workspace.  The other day I shared a tip of getting back to your creative mojo and so I wanted to show you that I only have a few supplies out on my work table.

art journaling linda peterson

It really does help when you set a limit on your supplies.
Next begin your background - I have markers, gesso, and Ranger Adirondack Color Wash Dyes handy (love the color washes).

art journal techniques linda peterson soul garden

I'm journaling in an old book (pick up one for $1 at a thrift shop).  Now to be fair, last week I had already placed this image transfer on the page.  I'll share the technique on how to do this later this week.

The colors I used are simply the colors I have the most of. I went over the pages with a light gesso just by using my finger, no special painting technique.  Then, I sprayed on color washes and let them drip as they dry they will streak.

art journal techniques linda peterson

Next add some texture.  Here I added some paper doilies.  They're really inexpensive - pick them up at the dollar store.   I also have a victorian calendar that I photo copied for the floral elements.  I picked up the calendar at a garage sale.  I love collecting ephemra!

I also punched some holes and laced them up with some rainbow colored ribbon.
Painted and outlined the word love and in general just added a few more grungy elements.

art journal love page techniques linda peterson

I briefly wrote about my experience this weekend....and now I'm on to the next project! :)

Here's the other pages in my Soul Journal Project

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Dreams into plans!

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