Monday, January 28, 2008

Mark Your Calendars for February 4 - Mariah is on Carol Duvall!

Unforunately, I don't have the cover of my new metal book to share. I know the team at Design Originals is working feverishly to get it done, so I will be patient and pass it along just as soon as I get it.

But for now, please mark your calendars for February 4th! Mariah will be on HGTV's The Carol Duvall Show featuring scrapbooking with Clay. She will make clay embellishments and design a scrapbook page based on a picture of her grandpa when he was a little boy. Everytime my dad see's the page in print, he asks about his royalties....and I reply...sorry Dad - it's so old it no longer holds a copywrite! We have a good time with him - he's a great dad and a great Grandpa!
I was with Carol in August 2004 shooting my segments for season 18. Just as we were getting ready to go on camera, Carol looked at me and said..."I have to ask you something..". A million things ran thru my mind, I had no idea what!...then she said "Do you think Mariah would like to come and do her own segment?"
I honestly couldn't say YES fast enough! The taping of that segment seem to last longer than any one I had ever done...I couldn't wait to get Mariah on the phone and tell her the good news! Needless to say she was excited to!

So with Carol's invitation, Mariah was fortunate enough to get one of the last few segments of the final season that taped later that year. . I was so proud of her. When she came home from the taping her school treated her like a little celebrity with a big write up in the school newspaper. It was definately her time to shine.
Mariah always sends a card with me to give to Carol when I see her at CHA. She's become a very special person in our life. Our thanks to Carol for bringing us in front of millions of people and my thanks to Donna Kato for believing in me.
When Mariah's show air's - I'll have a behind the scenes stay tuned!

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