Friday, January 25, 2008

Let's "Cuttle" ....more Metal Mania Jewelry..

Crafting is just like having a fascination with sweets. You go to the cupboard, fully intending to just have a "little" snack, but after seeing all that yummy goodness right there before your eyes you give in and induldge yourself. It's okay...remember it's craft calories!

That's what happens every time I get into that creative mode.

I went to get one stamp - got three, looked for copper metal, pulled out pewter and every other colored metal I could find, oh and then theres the piles of embossing folders, dies and stacks of ink pads. Never mind the bits and pieces of scraps that are an inch thick on my work surface - I just bulldoze them out of the way.

It's a good thing that the Cuttlebug can just sit on my lap while I use it. That was about the only open space around me. (Sound familiar? - or am I the only one who winds up with a tornado after I create??) I don't even want to begin to tell you how many layers of craft stuff I was working on top of...but I think if I had to name it...I'd call it the Empire State Building!

Today more crafty goodness arrived - New Color Box Cat Eye stamp pads! Even the colors are delicious. The fluid chalks work beautiful on metals, though Im planning on using them on craft porcelain - we'll save that for another craft mania day.

Taking the basic designs and patterns from yesterday, I made these additional variations. I was using up some of the extra embossed metal that I had from the Spots N Dots and the Traffic Jam embossing folders.

Im particularly fond of the diamond pattern. I love the way it is suspended and has movement. I also like the way you can use the different square/diamond patterns in the design to alter the look and get different pieces of jewelry.

Tomorrow I'll share the vintage journal that I did using some of these basic techniques along with Ink and just alot of fun ephemra.

Don't miss Monday - I'll be posting the front cover to my new Metal Book! I can't wait to see it myself.

Also for any of you who are in the Chicago area or are interested in the classes that I am doing at More Than Memories, Kasey called me to tell me they are filling up fast! Click here for more information

Until next time on the ArtBuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Laura said...

Great idea, Linda! I never would have thought to use my cuttlebug templates with the art-emboss metal to create beautiful jewelry. I think I own all these embossing templates/dies. It's time to break them out!


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