Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Polymer Clay and Paper Airplanes

Before storytime, let me say this, I just read Jen's blog. She's making Fimo Rocks - how fun! And speaking of ROCKS.... THAT WAS ONE ROCKIN STORM we had last night here in Southern Missouri. The storms started around 6pm. It was literally one tornado warning after another until 5am this morning. Needless to say, none of us got any sleep. We got thru the storm without any major damage - though I don't have internet (Thank goodness for McDonalds WIFI). Our neighbors weren't so fortunate though, several trees down, roofs blown off and barns off their foundations. Last year was the Ice Storm and this year I think the highlight of January will be this storm. We got a bagillion inches of rain last night too. But that's good, ponds are all full which makes for some great spring fishing....

But onto the story....

The creative life has given me such great memories and the opportunties to meet great people from all over the world. Let me share this small world story.

The story goes way back to 1978 when I was living in Springfield, Illinois. I was in the 7th grade. My art teacher's name was Mr. Biggs. He actually lived just down the street from me, that's how I remember his name. Mr. Biggs was not very keen on paper airplanes. There was a guy in class that loved to taunt Mr. Biggs by making paper airplanes and flying them. He always got in trouble, but I dont think the trouble he got into outweighed the enjoyment that he got from taunting the teacher.

So one day, this kid flew the paper airplane and it nearly hit Mr. Biggs in the face. Mr. Bigg's then shared a story of another art teacher that he knew who had a kid in her class the flew a paper airplane across the room. It hit a kid in the eye so hard that it cut his eye. (OUCH!) Makes your skin jump doesn't it - kinda like nails going down a chalk board.

This story stuck with me - grossed me out and to this day, I'm scared to death of paper airplanes. Now jump to the year 2000. Im working at my shop on "THE PARK" when a lady browsed by my stand. She wasn't keenly interested in what I had for sale. I think she was more interested in the log ride that I was next to. But anyways, I noticed that she had a beautiful pair of earrings on. They looked like polymer clay. So, I commented on them and asked about them. Usually in the course of the conversation, I would ask "Where are you from?" She told me she was from Springfield, Illinois. After telling her that I used to live there, I shared with her the above story.

Guess what's next????... I promise I am not making this up. SHE was the teacher, who was a friend of Mr. Biggs, who had the student who was injured by the paper airplane. Small world...and full circle 23 years later! Who would have thought that polymer clay and paper airplanes would bring this story together?

Yes, definately one of the best perks of the job is meeting interesting people. Everyone has a story to share and if you listen closely - you might just find something about them that you have in common.

Do you have stories to share? Write me!

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