Saturday, January 26, 2008

Scrapbooker's do it..... Do you? The Basics of using a template in design

I was reading my Scrapgirls newsletter this morning. The feature of the article this morning was about creating templates - or patterns.
Scrapbookers have long used templates for their layouts. They realize the importance of sketching a basic design.

Once you get a good basic template, you can make lots of other designs simply by altering the elements of the layout, using different colors, using different mediums or maybe adding to or taking away from the basic template.

Sketching a basic design can save you lots of time in the long run. And can get the river of creativity flowing in your mind. Templates or sketches are the most basic of beginning design techniques, but for me...and I'll be honest that I forget to use quite a bit. Until recently.....

I plan on taking this journal with me to the CHA show to write down notes, ideas that come to mind, sketches, things I want to blog...just anything I need to write down and remember.

Unfortunately, the time crunch is on ... the projects to do are piling up and the time is fast slipping away! So, I altered the basic design or template that I am using for my More Than Memories class and came up with this design - way less time consuming than designing with no real direction. It still has some basic elements, but it has a few new ones as well. This time I patina'd the copper using stinky Liver of Sulver - great results - really really bad smell! I textured the metal with the Cuttlebug, then a Cuttlebug die cut for the leaves on top. I believe the leaves turned out beautifully. I was a little concerned that the embossing pattern would flatten when I die cut. I am pleased that didnt happen. This time I also included some ArtEmboss aluminum armature wire, vintage ephemra, ooohh and I scraplifted Jen Lowe's Idea with the key...SHHHHH DONT TELL HER!!! It's okay...she's scraplifted from me we just call it by it's new name - LinJeneered! Yeah that's it!

So next time you're wanting to create, try sketching your design first. I promise it will aleviate much frustration. Keep the sketch in a portfolio for future use!

And...stay tuned - tomorrow is 100 day and I'll be back to show you what we've done with our Crafty Kids weekend! I'll also share a new blog that I found - amazing handmade cards and her entry for Hope on a Rope!

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Jen Lowe said...

And please don't let Linda know that I get her blog in my email! LOLOL! I love all our Linjeneered stuff...just so much fun!

Look out Linda...I'm getting ready to Linjeneer some of your designs into metal clay!


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