Wednesday, January 30, 2008

THINK SNOW!! A polymer clay Snowscene to celebrate our 1st snowfall!

I know alot of you who have had snow all winter long
can't possibly imagine why I would say - THINK SNOW! You're probably sick of it!

Maybe even my fellow Ozarkian's will agree with you, but for me.... I'm THINKING SNOW!

We're gearing up for a major snow storm - well at least for us. They are predicting up to 8" of the white fluffy stuff. It's so beautiful when it snow's here. Our home is located on top of a hill, surrounded by the Ozark mountains, lots of trees and beautiful scenery - just perfect for a gorgeous winter photo.

With just Dana and I home tonight and tomorrow - we'll make the most of it...snug in.. SLED, maybe even make a snowman and when he's not lookin - I'll whop him with a snowball....

I thought you'd enjoy this little guy in celebration of our first snowfall of the year. If it doesn't come, I'll be bummed for sure!

Tomorrow I'll be back with a the Story of the Denim Jacket.......

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