Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where has Imagination gone?

I grew up in a middle class family. My parents certainly weren't poor, but I wouldn't classify us as financially rich either. I would however say we were rich in other ways.

I can recall the day that my mom taught me to sew on the sewing machine. I was about eight. I made a short set that was black striped with yellow sunflowers. It was a little more sophisticated than my - cut a hole for the arms - barbie clothes. I decorated the armholes and around the legs of the shorts with bright yellow rick-rack. I can just imagine the mind image you are getting. I wore that set to death. I was proud of it. I made it myself.

I also remember the plaster jewelry making set (we didn't have resin, polymer clay or much to work with). You mixed up the plaster - poured it into a mold and out came the "groovy" bead. (literally it made beads withthe words "goovy" and" far out" on them...funny huh?)

I remember putting on puppet shows with the kids next door. We made the characters from popcicle sticks and cut their clothes out of paper. If we didn't have it...and we wanted it, we found ways and things to use to make it. I drew, I scrapbooked in the most basic form, I read, I played outside, I created. We made up games, we played house and bottom line...we were happy and we stayed out of trouble.

Contrast that with some kids today. What's left to their imagination? They play sophisticated video games, sit on the couch mezmerized by young pop star TV shows - for hours on end. Some kids even have cell phones to text message their friends that are sitting just across the room from them. What happened to riding their bikes, playing outside, making due with what they have, using their imagination? Seems to me that this generation of kids always want more....and if they don't have it...They are bored! I'm not saying that any of these things are totally wrong....but I do think they are overdone and over emphasized. What happened to being a kid?

I guess that's why I feel that it is so important to spend time with my kids, teaching them to create. When they are immersed in creating something, their whole world opens up, their attitude turns positive, they imagine. I love watching that process. I love watching the freedom of creativity without fear of a mess up. I love it when they open their heart to me and express to me their intermost thoughts. I love the funny and silly conversations we have, the singing we do and the art we create. I wouldn't miss that for all the money in the world.

It all goes back to my childhood. All in all - It was GREAT! I have wonderful parents who didn't hand me everything I ever wanted. It made me who I am.

Well, this is Wednesday and in just a blink - it will be the weekend. All the kids will be here and I promise I will take time with them to create - SOMETHING! I think we'll be decorating and embellishing some clothes for the summer - maybe when they are all grown, they'll blog about the great time they had, the great memories and pass this legacy on to their kids.

Okay...done with my thought for today.... I'm going back to being a creative kid at heart now...
Tomorrow I'll be sharing some Cuttlebug stuff!!!

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