Monday, January 7, 2008

Sparkles - How this Snowman Changed One Man's Day...

The story begins on a fall day during the Fall Festival of Craftsmanship at Silver Dollar City a few years ago.
If you've ever had the chance to visit Silver Dollar City, you'll quickly notice that everyone is dressed in period costume like that from Little House on The Prarie minus the prarie bonnets . There are lots of street shows with hillbillies fuedin' over just about anything. All in all it is a fun day and the scenery in which "the city" sits is beautiful - lots of opportunities for Kodak moments.
On this particular winter day, it seemed that everyone on the park was grumpy. I don't know why, but we would have days like that on park...days were everyone was happy, or spendy....or grumpy....or everyone you asked was from get the picture, but anyways the theme for this day was Grumpy.
I stood in front of my little crafty shack demonstrating how to make clay characters when a husband and wife walked up and began watching. I quickly sensed that she was NOT having a good day because her hubby was NOT wanting to be there. In order to give her a little reprieve, I decided to engage this man in a conversation.
Now, being that we're dressed in costume, we tend to get away with a little bit more than the average person. So I said to the man with a big smile on my face.." You know...we just don't allow grumpies on the you're gonna have to cheer up.." I gave him a wink...and amazingly he was still standing there... I continued to show the small crowd how to make the snowman, all the while harrassing this poor man - but I assure you it was all in fun, and he was now playing the game. When I finished, I sprinkled sparkling glitter onto the snowman and looked up and said..."Okay...since you've been such a good sport, I would like for you to give this snowman a name and that will be the name for this style of snowman forever". He replied in a gruff voice..."SPARKLES"! And I said..."SPARKLES it is.." And to that, Sparkles went into the oven, the wife showed up and the two left and went on about their day.
But, the story doesn't end there. The next day, first thing in the morning, I see this man again come running down what we call "heartattack hill" towards my stand. His wife though not running as fast was behind him. They came up to me. In still a gruff...but not so grumpy voice....he said" I thought about this dang snowman all night long...even dreamed about now...I guess I'll have to buy him!" He laughed and so did I. Then his wife leaned over and said..."Honey, I don't know what you said to him yesterday, but after he left your stand, we just had the best day and the best time!"
Wow...did that make my day!!!!! And that is how SPARKLES saved the day of this sweet vacationing couple. Even though I don't know their name or where they're from, they have certainly left a mark in my memory!
Sparkles was similar to the Snowman above, except he had legs and feet and ice skates. He looked like he had just slipped on some ice and taken a fall but was laughing about it.
Here's a tip: To make the hat look like it is "on" the head, rather than sitting "on top" of the head, simply slice part of the head flat. Gives it a more realistic look.

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