Monday, December 31, 2012

The Soul Garden Project - WEEK 1 - SOULFUL ART

The word I've chosen to begin my project is SOUL!  Our soul is our identity. Who we are, our beliefs, our values, our personality..... Have you taken time to walk thru a garden and just take in all the fragrance of the flowers, look at each petal in detail...look at the beauty of everything around you?

Soul Garden is like that walk thru a flower garden....only it's our own personal life garden we're taking a look at.  What makes What am I good at? What can I improve on? What makes me happy? What are my favorite things?  What are the details of me that make be beautiful??? It's okay to compliment yourself...I just gave you permission!

I'm more sentimental now than I have ever been, I cherish anything that is handwritten or touched my my grandma's or other members of my family....and these mundane and everyday things, are exactly what I'm putting in my Soul Garden book, because hopefully one day, future generations will get a glimpse of their past and why they are the way they are....

I love the word *dream* {{yeah I know sometimes its overused...} but if I don't dream, I don't go anywhere!!!

Butterflies and dragonflies are what I think of when I think of that word.  Sometimes it's as though butterflies fly with no intended purpose...they just kinda whisp along wherever the wind takes them.  And so it's a reminder for me to not always be so rigid...not to be totally freespirit without a purpose...but allow my self to experiment in my art and say to myself it's okay if it's UGLY... and just so you know...there's a cover under this one - AN UGLY ONE!

If you think I don't make ugly art...WRONG I do!

Paste away!...... :)

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