Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nadda, Zip, Zero, Zilch! All I caught was the FLU!

Yes, thats right....we got skunked! Oh, there were fish out there - some anyways, but overall I think the fishing report for Table Rock Lake and the spoonbills was a little overstated and slightly exaggerated. At one point I counted 50 boats in the same area.....all doing the same thing. Snagging for fish. I bet out of 200 boats total that we saw only 25 had fish.

The morning for me started out with a huge backlash on my reel after I snagged an underwater tree. I guess if you are going to go snagging, you're going to snag trees too! (We call those Log Salmon - not good to eat- you can't even tenderize them enough!) So, after wasting about 50 foot of my line and fixing my reel, I started again. Dana drove the boat while I tried to snag something other than a tree. If you've ever done it, it's hard work and great exercise.

About mid-way thru the morning, I felt this rush of something come over my body, I started sneezing and thought OH GREAT! From that point on it was all downhill....fever, chills and just plain wanted to take a nap. I quit snagging and went to driving the boat. We could see fish down there on the fish finder, but none made it on our hook. About noon, after 4 hours of fishing, we gave up and went home.

It was great experience, it was the first time we ever tried snagging on our own without a guide, the first time we borrowed my Dad's bass boat and took it out ourselves and over all ...we thought....there's always another day.

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