Wednesday, August 8, 2007

That was then....this is now....

Thank goodness the days of the cow earrings are a thing of the past. That was then.....I now focus my polymer clay work into creating unique and mostly one of a kind art jewelry.
I replicated this pendant to simulate cinnabar from a piece I purchased in China Town a couple of weeks ago while I was in San Francisco. I paid a higher price for the original than I normally would have because I really wanted the design and could see a lot of potential.
The focal bead is quite a bit bigger than the original and is more of a large puff bead - hollow in the center. I decided to keep the stringing very simple to keep the focus on the beautiful design of the focal pendant. I'll be featuring this technique in my upcoming book "Making Beads". If you are interested placing your name on a reserve list - please email me.

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