Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Don't let the Summer heat ruin your CLAY DAY!

So you're off running to the craft store today to buy more polymer clay because you've been such an addict you're nearly out of every single color...right?? Okay... maybe that's a little exaggerated but in any case here's a little tip to help you not spoil your summertime projects.

Make your trip to the craft store your last trip of the day. Polymer clay begins it's curing process at 90 degrees. It doesn't totally cure...but it is on it's way. We all know that temperatures in the car get well over 200 degrees and now that Fimo is curing at 230 degrees you could wind up with a nice baked solid color paperweight (otherwise known as a cured block of clay). We DON'T want that to happen!!!

So..what if you wind up with some slightly baked clay...is all lost? NO! Chop it in a food processor (totally devoted to clay), add a few drops of baby oil or veggie oil to the mix. The friction created in the machine and the oil will help to rejuvinate clay that has lost a little bit of it's life due to old age or a little heat stroke. Condition the clay until it's soft and pliable thru the pasta machine.

I know that these tips aren't rocket science...and you've probably heard them before. It's always good to have a little refresher reminder.

Happy Summertime Clay Time!!...until next time on the ArtBuzz.....

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