Friday, August 3, 2007

An up and coming artist makes her debut in Art Jewelry Magazine

Let me introduce to you the youngest of our four kids....This is Julia and she's 5. (6 in November). Julia loves to work with Fimo clay and make jewelry. She's getting pretty good at making beads and she loves drawing on her magna doodle. She was the inspiration for the Transferred Memories class that I gave at More than Memories a couple of weeks ago.

A little while back she was doodling on her magna doodle and drew a picture of "our wedding day". I instantly snatched the doodle, captured a photo and digitized it making jewelry pieces and charms from components of the picture. When I showed her what I did with her art, she was even more inspired and created "TULIPS".

Amaco featured "TULIPS" (called "Pewter Tulips") in their ad campaign which appears in the September 2007 issue of ArtJewelry magazine. Please check it out. Project instructions for the necklace are located on the website.

"Our Wedding Day" and "Fashion Diva" drawn by 10 year old Elise are both scheduled to appear the up coming issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry.

Since Julia's first drawings I've nicknamed her "Picasso" or "Pic" for short. She nicknamed me "pigasso"or "pig" for short (lovely nickname) I don't think she understands that Picasso is a compliment! Oh well...after all she's only five. (Thats - four fingers with the thumb popped out or so she tells us)

In any regard, artwork seems to know no bounderies or age limits....maybe you have a young inspiring picasso living in your house too.....Bet this will give you a whole new perspective at looking at their artwork!

Julia's in the house now drawing more artwork....better get inside to see what she's created for me......

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