Monday, August 27, 2007 disguise!

I swore that when the scrapbooking craze...became a craze....that I would NEVER EVER get into it! Not because I didn't love it....but because...I knew I would love it! I knew I would have to feed the insatiable desire for everything - every paper - every embellishment - every little doo-dad - just plain everything! I needed another craft hobby like I needed another hole in the head. Well...Im sorry to say...I have several holes in the head, I think I'm up to around seven or so by now.

Then it happened.....What if I could justify it? I thought, "Technically, if I found a way to add polymer clay with scrapbooking techniques, I wouldn't necessarily be able to call it a "new" hobby would I?" I would be just branching out and exploring my creative horizons...right??? YES!!! YES!! YES!!! I could scrapbook in disguise...ooohh the possibilities that opened up!!! No more emergency trips to the scrapbook store when didnt have the write color embellishment...and patterns...we'll I could either stamp them or create milliefiore canes for letters... I could make little embellishments whenever or in whatever color I needed for my layout!

So here is sampling of that can see that my style goes from clean.... to altered. Im so into altered because it's free, expressive, messy and as Maureen Carlson says...."IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PRETTY!".
The little cowboy page in the background is my dad (you've guessed it, now I'm totally into heritage scrapbooking and genaeology - my 8th hole in the head). This layout was featured on DIY Scrapbooking about a year or so back. It combines polymer clay to make rustic/rusty looking embellishments. Mariah also did a similar one on the Carol Duvall Show featuring leather like embellishments.
I have two altered purses with heritage albums that pop out when you open them up. It has many embellishments from airdry clay techniques, wire, metal and more....Isn't this a fun way to display your photo's and create a bit of home decor? And lastly but not least the book with the "39" is called "My First 39 Miles". It's a collaberation of memorabilia from my life - miniaturized report cards and all kinds of stuff. It's a lunch sack album...but the cover features stamped and aged polymer clay techniques based on colors from Basic Grey.
The "Inspire" page was one of the first I featured on the Carol Duvall show. The dragonfly embellishments and Inspire words are all made from Fimo polymer clay.
Well...I guess the I blew my I have drawers of paper, nearly every punch that McGill makes (great for polymer clay may I add...), die cut machines (wizard, sizzix and big kick- also great for die cut polymer shapes) and the list goes on and on and on......
I'm out growing my studio!!!
See you next time on the ArtBuzz.......

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