Sunday, August 19, 2007

Let's have a party!.... WITH BEADS!

I spent most of last week making canes. That is pretty unusual really for me because I'm not a cane maker, Im more of an "impatient bead maker". I can totally relate to "The Impatient Blogger" in the need for instant results. Once the canes are made it really is kind of fun to have a bit of creative freedom and just plunk canes slices on to base beads with no particular look in mind. These beads all work together because they are all of the same color family. This is really a lesson in Skinner Blends! I love Skinner Blends and we'll be exploring these in my new book.

The inspiration for this piece came from the Masquerade costume designed by Liz Welch and embellished with Friendly Plastic. The color palette she used became the focus of these beads. Using the Tube Bead Rollers really made the task of creating so many beads easy and fast. The result was this very fun....very FUNky chunky necklace ensemble. You could just keep adding and adding charms or anything you like to make it uniquely you!

I hope this necklace provides you with inspiration to just create....and not really worry about each individual bead - the whole creative process without regard to the outcome is quite therapeutic

And ....if you need a little more inspiration, click on my BRAND NEW flickr gallery page. I feature of my favorite whimsical characters from years gone by.... to my new updated jewelry gallery. Just click here!...and if you care to...leave a message, I'd love to hear from you...

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