Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Buzzzzzz on New Polymer Clay and Jewelry books

Im back home now...... well....sort of. We're in Columbia, MO for the night so Mariah can go to the doctor. We took a trip to the mall and spent about 2 hours in Barnes and Noble. I haven't had time to just sit and browse the books available...especially the new ones featuring jewelry and polymer this time Im spending is quite a treat!

Let me share with you what I found:

  • The Art of Polymer Clay - Surface Techniques by Donna Kato - (my good friend....she calls me "kid"). This book is a delight for the senses. Beautiful pictures of jewelry are laced throughout the book and Donna graciously showcases the work of many talented jewelry artists. The techniques featured are simply amazing, easy to understand, allowing for exceptional results. I particularly enjoyed the section she has on creating her own molds. (Something I explored yesterday in the studio before I read the book). She gave me lots of creative inspiration on how to create your own mind is spinning with ideas. You MUST have this book! You won't be disappointed. It's like having a Donna in your studio whenever you need her....

  • Fabulous Jewelry and Found Objects by Martha LeVan: I perused this book with awe. The inspiration inside is simply magnificent. It certainly makes me think about objects in a whole new light.....who says you can't use old, distressed pencils for jewelry or parts of "pop" soda cans for bracelets. I appreciated the variety of artists featured in this book as well. A very talented group of people. If you are looking to take your jewelry pieces beyond the ordinary...then you'll certainly want this book!

As for the status on my "Making Beads" book, Im developing projects in the studio. Yesterdays feature was creating molds to make focal pendants and beads along with creating semi precious stones. If there's a technique you would like to see in the book, please share your ideas..

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Thats all for now......................stay tuned for the next edition of the Art Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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