Thursday, August 2, 2007

Featured links of the moment

Featured links of the "blonde" moment: (because I forgot some of those I was going to post...AHHH!)

  • Girlfriendology - a blog created by my friend Debba Haupert celebrating girl-friendships
  • GirlfriendologyToo - Debba recently started this to share creative ideas and inspiration on gifts to create for those special girl-friends (Psssssst....I love handmade gifts..hint ..hint)
  • PolymerClayTV - new videos and interviews of talented clay artists just posted
  • Katie Hacker's back from vacation and back to blogging. She shares a bit of how she decorates her studio..... (thanks for making me feel at home..) Check back because Katie and I are going to take you on a real "Blast from the Past". Ohhh....are you in for a surprize......
  • Comparison test on all brands of polymer clay: This information was originally posted on yahoogroups: polymer clay people. I found it the results of this third party test interesting. The liquid clays were tested every which way possible. Fimo Gel came out a winner! (this was the one I couldnt remember to post......)

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