Monday, August 13, 2007

This weeks Art Buzz Hot Links

Here's a list of this weeks featured "HOT LINKS" that I found interesting:
  • Love to create Jewelry but just don't know where to begin?? Check out my latest book BEAD TECHNIQUES - Clay Jewelry with a bead roller. I feature kits for every budget, from the basic "get addicted" to the totally addicted on my website - Linda Peterson (By the way...hubby's...these make great "just because I love you gifts")
  • How To TV Online - on demand craft TV featuring projects from your favorite PBS series shows. The Kids Channel features a beginning clay series complete with a teddy bear project
  • Polymer Clay People - A great mix of talented people who will share anything they know about clay with anyone who wants to know something about clay. If you have a question - someone will have an answer. There are well known pc artists members as well as those who are just starting out.
  • National Polymer Clay Guild - Great resources of information from tutorials, workshop information and national events
  • Katie Hacker - of course my beading buddy always has interesting and creative ideas to share, this week she features her blast from the past.
  • CF Originals - she combines my love to characters into my new love of art jewelry and beads - what a work of art!
  • Carol Duvall Show ONLINE any time - check out this weeks featured segments - click on Crafts then Carol Duvall
  • Polymer Clay Productions - New video working with alcohol based dyes and an interview with one of my mentors and friends Maureen Carlson
  • HGTV Polymer Clay Projects - Here's a listing of all the polymer clay projects you've seen on Carol Duvall along with all the project sheets for the shows.

That should give you enough reading and surfing for a little while...I'll be back to share what's happening in the studio this think I'm going to explore creating focal beads with caning techniques...

Have links to share?????? Post a comment and I'll include them in the next Hot Links

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