Thursday, August 16, 2007

What's old....has become New!

In keeping with the flashback to the 80's Blast from the Past may recall a product called "Friendly Plastic". It's produced in the here in the States from AMACO. Way back in the 80's, I purchased a pair of earrings and a matching bracelet at a craft show made with it. The ensemble was quite flashy - a little gaudy and complimented my big 80's hair (yes ladies....AquaNet was my friend...). Those pieces have since been broken and I think.....lost. Friendly plastic was quite a popular medium for creative people and came in a variety of metallic and varigated colors. But the 80's crazy died out...and so it seems Friendly Plastic did a little bit too..... Jana Ewy brought a 90's update to the product with her books showing us how to layer and create patterns with Friendly Plastic. In fact to see a project I did, inspired by Jana, just click here!!
Now...take a look at what one artist in the United Kingdom has done to put a real 2000 spin on it!! It's back with a bang! And.... OH! is it so fun to work with!!! Meet textile artist and Friendly Plastic Queen - Liz Welch . I introduced you to her briefly in my CHA show summary. Just look at photo's of her work with Friendly plastic and textiles! WOW!
Liz features an unique way to incorporate friendly plastic metallic designs with textiles to create stunning wearables. I was priveleged enough to receive a beautiful - Totally 2000 necklace and earrings from her. So you say....masks....wearables arent your main interest? You like scrapbooking and paper crafts???? Well...check out Liz's ATC cards too!

Friendly plastic can be molded and cut with alphabet cutters to create stunning titles...think Texture.

I really enjoy the challenge of giving "older" products a NEW Up to the Minute look. All it takes is a little creative inspiration and a little thinking out of the box. Some days...i know...we get stuck in the box! So if you are one of those who have a stash of Friendly plastic laying around...why not ressurrect it??? And challenge yourself to a little creative "up to date" project.
Check back to see what I've created with FIMO using Liz's masquerade costume as an inspiration. It's a walk on the wild side.........
(all photo's featured in this blog are the work of Liz Welch)

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