Sunday, February 24, 2008

CJS - "Cool JunkY Stuff" a great BRAND name for a young entrepreneur

In growing up in the late 60 and 70's (yes that makes me in my fourties - hot flashes and all)... we had to be creative. My parents did not buy me everything I wanted...and I thought that was a bit on the sucky side when I was a kid. If I wanted to play house...and I needed fake food...well ...I made mud pies. I thought it was really cool when my dad paid the bills with a book of checks. (had no concept of the money aspect of it all) So what did I do when I wanted to be all grown up just like him? Well...literally I stapled a bunch of paper together and made myself "a book of checks" just like his real ones (okay, as close to it as I could being a kid of about 7). Seriously...It was our imagination back then that challenged us to come up with the things we didnt have. We were resourceful. Using something for an unintended purpose back then wasn't the "In vogue" thing to's just what you did to make what you needed.

There couldn't be a better compliment then when your creativity rubs off on your kids. Lets not forget to mention how the kids inspire moms! (or for that matter - my blog content). So let me share some behind the family scenes that happened at the Peterson House today....

I was sitting in the library with Dana this afternoon when Julia walked in and sat a box down on the treadmill. I really didn't pay too much attention to the content of the box until she left the room which is when I noticed a pair of scissors and bits and pieces of what used to be her white tights along with various fibers.
Dana said "I know...I told the girls they could cut them up - they're making Fashion Designs and being future fashion designers". How cool is that I thought? (Mind you - these weren't new tights, I would classify these as Sunday tights - WHOLY".

I called Julia down and asked her about what she was going to make with her cut up swatches. She showed me her....hmmm.... I don't know the word for it... but what it reminds me of are the "hand warmer thingys" that Cyndi Lauper used to wear on her hands when she was singing back in the 80's. Obviously Julia - who's only 6 has no clue who Cyndi Lauper is or even the style back I have to say...I was impressed...she was "repurposing" and using her creativity to design something useful out of something that we'd throw away. (She's working on a "mini-skirt" now made from the top part of the tights......ROCK ON JULIA!
Then came Elise, she's designing something similar with her tights....the Handwarmers, but along that she's made a belt and stretchy necklaces. She's hoping to sell them at school for 25 cents in order to make some money for her trip to Costa Rica later this spring. She told me she has sold a few of her "CJS" line to kids on the school bus. I had to know...."What is C J S?" I asked. Well...she said "It's short for COOL JUNKY STUFF!". So think about that... at age eleven, she's designing wearables and already has a brand. Her concept couldn't be more on target since current fashion trends indicate that "repurposing" is HOT and she's already branding herself as "COOL JUNKY STUFF!" I'm thouroughly impressed at her entreprenueral skills. Who knows what she could be.....who knew what I could be when I was a toddler playing with play-dough. It all starts with imagination....and a need to make what you don't have.

And to top it all off......Julia drew me a picture! How about about being the "#1 Step Mom!"? She just amazes me with her drawing talent!!! Im so glad to be able to support the artist inside of them and help develop it as they walk thru life!
This day is truely what "Celebrating the Creative Life is all about!"

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