Monday, February 18, 2008

What's HOT in 08! Sharing bits from the CHA Designer Trend team

Green..... Reclaimed....Organic. These were some of the words that seemed to be constantly in front of me as I walked the General Crafts area of the show floor.

While you may think of Green as a decorating color, this type of green relates to products and techniques that are Eco-Friendly. According to the CHA designer Trend Team, they report that this "green movement continues it's momentum as the top trend". Look for new products coming to your craft stores that reflect this organic feel especially relating to needle crafts. I believe this trend will continue to grow as people become more aware of the benefit of "green" crafts to both themselves and the environment.

Lending itself to "green crafts" is a surge for the reclaimed. This involves deconstructing and reconstruction clothing such as denim jackets, jeans, t-shirts and the list goes on....... Personally, I'm excited about this particular trend as I LOVE embellished clothing! (Can't you tell?? check out my earlier posts)...So I say.. "Rock on with this trend!"

But, let's not limit ourselves to just clothing, how about "repurposing" jewelry - you know...that icky ole stuff from way back when that has an appeal only a mother could love? Get it out, take it apart, combine it with other new elements!!! Add some swarovski crystals...make it bling...paint it another color - MAKE IT HIP!

While we're on the subject of jewelry - let's talk beading! Beading is HOT! and is getting HOTTER!! Check out Katie Hackers beading blog (I think she's the Bead Queen Extraordinaire!)- she's always up to date with HIP cool beading tips and techniques!

Look for bracelets to be HOT this fall - incorporate metals such as copper, pewter, silver (hint: check out my upcoming Metal Jewelry 101 book!) and verbaige for that personal touch. Don't forget those chunky chains too - using chains from "past jewelry faux-pas" is a great way to bring chunky chains up to date. While inexpensive beads are popular, more experienced beaders and looking to unique and more stylish beads and findings.

You may think that jewelry and accessories are just for you....but oh no! Pet crafts are still going strong as pet lovers continue to spend big bucks on their precious pals. Think pet outfits (particularly needlecrafts), pet collars, leashes all embellished with beads. Don't you want your pooch to be trendy too??

Needle felted beads were quite the rage as well, I noticed an unusual amount of jewelry books dedicated to fabric and felted jewelry.

Turning the tables a bit....let's go digital. WEB TV is becoming ever popular as your on-demand source for projects and craft related shows. On-line on demand classes such as those found at HOW TO TV ONLINE will increasingly become popular as more and more crafters become aware of the wide range of products found on that channel and as manufacturers realize the benefits from advertising and sponsoring online tv shows. Polymer Clay Productions has weekly podcasts and videocasts online to keep you up-to-date with current products relating to everything polymer clay!

In any event, I hope 2008 finds you craftier and more creative than ever! With recycled, repurposed and redesigned crafts becoming all the rage, Im sure we'll look at "garage sales" in a whole new light!!!

Thanks for the great report from the CHA Trend Team: Phyllis Dobbs, needlecrafts;Lina Ferrara, decorative painting;Cindy Groom-Harry, kids' crafts' Katie Hacker, beading and jewelry; Debba Haupert, home decor/gifts/small accents; Kristin Jankowicz, millennial generation and general crafts, Sandy Laipply, general paper crafts; Jill MacKay, jewelry and jewelry fashion, Debra Quartermain, needlefelting, wearables & accessories, Julie Stephani, home decor/large accets and editor of Today's Creative Home Arts and Marie Browning, Trend Team Chair

Thanks to all of you for your hard work and effort in helping us to be HIP!

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