Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Introducing Anna - A 9 year old artist - full of inspiration!

I really don't think about how far technology has come too often until I am reminded of just how old I am and what decade of the 1900's I was born.

A couple of days ago we were watching "Deal....or NO Deal" with the kids. The Robert Palmer girls were on the side lines watching the show - (remember the ones from the early 80's video "Simply Irresistable" where they were all dressed alike playing the guitar?) Beth saw them and said "Who are they?". Beth is about to turn 20, and then it hit me..... This group was popular BEFORE she was even born! We didn't even have internet back then! WOW how times have changed.

It's because of the internet that we've really been able to connect with so many people of like interest. Twenty years ago who would have thought that we would communicate with on-line friends all around the world on a daily basis? Who would have thought "google" would be a verb and "Blog" would be something that you do to jot down your thoughts and ideas on a regular basis for people to read? Not me!

I find it so interesting when I check my site meter the amount of people who read this blog from all over the world. Places I've never heard of before!

Blogging has definately allowed me to connect to a whole world of people that I never would have known....which brings me to the highlight of this story.

I love emails by the email me! I received an email a couple of days ago from such a friend who I met thru the internet. She wanted to share her 9 year old daughter, Anna's artwork. It was a sweet email on how my books had inspired Anna to create a handmade gift for her teacher. I think any teacher would be proud to receive one of Anna's designs. I know I would!

I wanted to share Anna's talent with you. I'm sure her mother is very proud. Deservedly so! I love it especially when I can inspire kids to create and use their minds and creative energy towards something positive. It beats them sitting in front of the TV all day mezmerized by video games and young pop stars. WAY TO GO ANNA! Keep up the great work!

If you have talent to share or a young up and coming me! I'd love to share their story!

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