Friday, February 8, 2008

It's Official...I've been blogging a year now!

Wow, it's been a whole year since I've started this blog. I keep thinking "Why didn't I do this sooner??". It's been a fantastic experience, not only that I can look at the past year and see all the things I've done and written about, it's made me think about great memories and recall great stories that I might have otherwise forgotten.

So...let me share this little story today....

Years ago when I first started working the craft show circuit, this was probably back in 1993 or 94, I traveled to a show in Peoria, Illinois. It was the first time I had really ventured that far to do a show.

Back then I was selling little dolls and figurines made from FIMO polymer clay and among the collection was sort of a little raggedy ann type of doll that I made. She had long locks of hair, painted eyes and was about an inch tall. (sorry I don't have a photo.....but I think you get the idea...she was her eyes were even tinier - so keep that in mind as I continue) A little elderly lady came up to my booth and shopped for quite a while. Unfortunately her eyesight was minimal, so in order to view things, she had to hold them up very close to her rather thick glasses. She seemed to be enjoying what I had to offer.

Pretty soon, she picked up one of those little tiny dolls and look at it....held it closer to her eyes...looked at it again.

She handed it to me and with a kind little voice said..."honey, I'd like to buy this doll, but was wondering if you could fix the eyes....they seem a little crooked to me." (now mind you the size of this doll - I painted the eyes with the tip of a ball point pen they were so small...)

After acknowledging that they were crooked, I proceeded to fix the eyes and asked her to come back in about 10 minutes ....

Without a moments hesitation in her voice, she turned to my son Alex and said, "Honey, If I walk by and miss the booth, grab me because...I don't see very well!"

We've always had a chuckle over that story...and by no means mean any disrepect to her at all, but we cherish those kind of stories that bring smiles and pleasant memories to us.

As it turned out, the show went very well and I returned several times to Peoria for craft shows over the following years.

I do miss the interaction with the crowd....maybe that's why I love working these tradeshows so much. You never know who you are going to meet. Everyone has a story....

And that's my story for right now...time for me to get on the plane....but I hope to be back soon with an inside scoop on CHA..

Is there anything you're curious about?? Anything you want me to flip a picture of??? Wonder what's new?? Email me or leave a comment with your suggestion and I'll do my best to answer your request.

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