Friday, February 22, 2008

Go AWAY winter! Bring on Spring

There's a big difference between what's outside the studio right now and what's inside. Outside we've come face to face with another ice storm. Everything is cold and crunchy!

Inside though, the studio looks like a blooming greenhouse! Check out this photo! Seriously...there is hardly any room left in the studio where there isn't some craft supply or flower. I'm definately NOT complaining though! Bring on S-P-R-I-N-G!
My Mother in Law, Louise has been a real jewel of a help, she's made wooden baskets and get this....even a huge carrot out of wire, mesh and muslin. It's so awesome!
Last night, I layed awake literally all night buzzing with was my "I'm to creative to sleep" kind of moods. I have to say, that I believe this book will be unique and very different from all of the other flower arranging, floral decorating books. I am bringing a whole new look and edge to floral design. You'll be creating your own bases, your own elements (like the carrots) and learn tips and tricks to make you a great designer on a budget!

Have you seen the price of designer floral arrangements??? Yikesey..Pikesy! I'll show you how to get the same look for least!!

I'd like to share this Welcome Spring basket, just one of the project's we'll be featuring in the Seasonal Section of the book. Along with that, I'll have a section on Culteral designs featuring Exotic Asian arrangements (think tropical warm....happy....thoughts...mmmmm)
European/French country style charm...perfect for afternoon tea...
Contemporary for those of you who are Hip and you know....want simplicity and elegance...
And for all the rest of us who are just hopelessly sentimental and love our classic displays there's some edgy designs in there to suit you too!
If you're planning a wedding (well...that will have to be after the fall when the books released) I'll have three styles to inspire you..use those designs or, take the inspiration and run away with your own creative style.
Well...that's all I have to say for now except...BYE BYE winter....and Hello Spring!! Off to the greenhouse!

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